Common Core Courses - Credit Hours 76
ESPU1081: English for Info. Technology I
ESPU1082: English for Info.Technology II
ITBP103: Principles of IT
ITBP119: Algorithms and Problem Solving
ITBP121: Programming Lab 1
ITBP202: Discrete Mathematics
ITBP205: Digital Design and Computer Organization
ITBP210: Communications and Network Fundamentals
ITBP219: Object-oriented Programming
ITBP221: Programming Lab 2
ITBP261: Speaking and Writing
ITBP280: IT Project Management and Exhibition
ITBP299: Internship
ITBP301: Security Principles and Practice
ITBP307: Information Systems Fundamentals
ITBP315: Operating System Fundamentals
ITBP316: Human Computer Interaction
ITBP319: Data Structures
ITBP321: Web Application Development Lab
ITBP340: Database Systems
ITBP370: Professional Responsibility in IT
ITBP418: Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation in IT
ITBP480: Senior Graduation Project 1
ITBP481: Senior Graduation Project 2
MATH105: Calculus I
MATH110: Calculus II
PHYS135: General Physics Lab
STAT210: Probability and Statistics

Specialization Courses - Credit Hours 21

Computer Systems Design
CSEB300: Computer Architecture
CSEB301: Circuits Fundamentals
CSEB310: Digital Design With HDL
CSEB321: Hardware Testing and Fault Tolerance
CSEB331: Circuits Lab
CSEB332: Digital Design with HDL Lab
CSEB400: Platform Architecture and Technologies
CSEB425: Embedded Systems
CSEB433 : Embedded Systems Lab
CSEB440: Software Integration
CSEB450: Introduction to Robotics
Electronic Commerce
ECBP310: E-Commerce Principles
ECBP331: E-Commerce Lab 1
ECBP401: E-Marketing
ECBP411: Mobile Commerce
ECBP412: E-Services
ECBP413: E-Commerce Security and Payment Protocols
ECBP425: Multimedia Systems
ECBP432: E-Commerce Lab 2
ECBP433: Multimedia Systems Lab
Enterprise Systems
ISBP301: E-Enterprise
ISBP309: Enterprise Information Systems
ISBP331: Business Integration Lab 1
ISBP350: Enterprise Resource Planning
ISBP370: System Analysis and Design
ISBP431: Advanced Database Systems
ISBP432: Advanced Database Systems Lab
ISBP433: Business Integration Lab 2
ISBP440: Business Intelligence
ISBP455: Knowledge Management
Information Security
SECB310: Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols
SECB331: Cryptography Lab
SECB358: Network Border Controls
SECB405: Secure Protocols for The Internet and E-commerce
SECB408: Secure Mobile Code
SECB425: Security Architectures and Mechanisms
SECB432: Networks Security Lab
SECB433: Systems security Lab
SECB451: Policy Criteria and Evaluation
SECB455: Intrusion Detection and Response
SECB499: Special Topics in Information Security
Intelligent Systems
CSBP301: Artificial Intelligence
CSBP331: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab
CSBP400: Modeling and Simulation
CSBP411: Machine Learning
CSBP421: Smart Computer Graphics
CSBP431: Bioinformatics
CSBP432: Computer Graphics Lab
CSBP433: Intelligent Systems Studio
CSBP441: Applied Computer Vision
CSBP461: Internet Computing
NEBP310: Network Protocols
NEBP331 : Network and Security Protocols Lab
NEBP361: Network Security Protocols
NEBP371: Network Management and Analysis
NEBP421: Advanced Network Services
NEBP432 : Wireless Networks Lab
NEBP433 : Advanced Networking Lab
NEBP441: Wireless and Mobile Communications
NEBP460: Network Application Software
NEBP470: Network Design and Implementation
NEBP472: Wireless Sensor Networks
NEBP473: Internet Architecture
Software Development
SWEB300: Software Engineering Fundamentals
SWEB312: Software Requirements and Specification
SWEB319: Software Design
SWEB320: Formal Methods and Models
SWEB331: Software Analysis and Design Lab
SWEB401: Reuse and Component-based Development
SWEB423: Software Testing and Quality Assurance
SWEB432: Software Implementation Lab
SWEB433: Software Testing Lab
SWEB450: Analysis of Algorithms
SWEB451: Game Development
SWEB651: Software Construction