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ISBP301: E-Enterprise

Description:Transforming a business firm into an electronic enterprise; Role of IT in enterprise?s processes; Potential IT capabilities to support business objectives and functions; Alignment of business and IT strategies and applications in a complex and evolving enterprise; Enterprise management e-services (information portal, e-business, e-procurement, e-finance and e-audit); Mobile technologies; Human factors (usability, web assurance and mental workload); Document management and workflows using XML and other web standards; Existing enterprise management applications.
Credit Hours.:3
Text Book: Enterprise Information System, O?Brien, J. & Marakas, G., 2007.
Coordinator: Tony Ng
Topics Outline:
  1. Information system application supporting business functions
  2. Support effective enterprise management & decision-making
  3. IT architecture & functional needs for integrated enterprise wide system
  4. Advancement in IS/IT enterprise management processes
  5. Design process for electronic enterprise information system (IS)
  1. Distinguish business core functional operations and their typical procedures
  2. Describe IT architectures and related applications to support business functional operations throughout an enterprise hierarchy.
  3. Appraise the structure and function of integrated information processing in support of effective enterprise management and decision-making.
  4. Design an integrated electronic enterprise information system in accordance with best practices.
  5. Explain the usage of IS & IT in enterprise management processes
  6. Demonstrate communications skills, individual articulation and group dynamics.
Mapping of Topics Outline to Outcomes
 1 2 3 4 5
Pre-requisiteITBP319: Data Structures
Volume of the Course that Contributes to CIT Students Outcomes(SOs)
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4% 6% 4% 4% 4% 11%4% 4% 8% 4% 6% 17% 17% 0%
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