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ITBP370: Professional Responsibility in IT

Description:A coverage of ethical issues and solutions in IT; code of ethics; ethical decision making; computer crimes and security; freedom of expression; electronic privacy protection; intellectual property protection; computing in the workplace and its implications on workers and organizations; online communities, the digital divide, and their social and economic implications; Professional communication and team work; Examples of laws and regulations; Case studies.
Credit Hours.:3
Text Book: Ethics in Information Technology, Second Edition, by George Reynolds.
Coordinator: Khaled Shuaib
Topics Outline:
  1. Ethics, code of ethics, and ethical decision making
  2. Computer crimes and security
  3. Privacy in cyberspace
  4. Freedom of expression
  5. Intellectual property
  6. Computers in the workplace
  7. Ethics of software development
  8. Impact of IT on society
  1. Apply ethical decision making based on code of ethics and formal methods
  2. Identify privacy, freedom of speech and crime issues in Cyberspace
  3. Discuss intellectual property and software development issues
  4. Discuss the implications of computing in the workplace on workers and employers
  5. Discuss the socio-economic implications of online communities and the Digital Divide
  6. Analyze issues and case studies that relate to topics of the course and communicate their findings orally or in writing
Mapping of Topics Outline to Outcomes
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Pre-requisiteITBP103: Principles of IT
ESPU1082: English for Info.Technology II
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