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ESPU1082: English for Info.Technology II

Description:Writing contrastive essays on an IT related technology, supported by online research using the IEEE system of referencing. Researching and writing a report contrasting two websites that deal with an IT related technology. Developing editing skills. Paraphrasing and developing texts using compound and complex sentences as well as reduced adjective clauses
Credit Hours.:3
Coordinator: Yacine Atif
  1. Write a contrastive text on an IT related technology
  2. Use the IEEE system of referencing
  3. Research, and write a report evaluating two websites on an IT related technology
  4. Edit texts using previous and current grammatical and mechanical skills
  5. Paraphrase and develop texts using high level grammar such as reduced adjective clauses
Pre-requisiteESPU1081: English for Info. Technology I
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