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NEBP473: Internet Architecture

Description:This course covers the major networking solutions that are currently used in support of the global Internet. The course includes the following topics: xDSL, Cable Modem and EPON/GPON for Internet access technologies; the Internet routing architecture, including Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), buffer control, QoS and traffic aggregation; architecture, design and implementation of large ISP networks; topology selection criteria, capacity planning, network configuration and traffic engineering.
Credit Hours.:3
Text Book: Internet Routing Architecture, Sam Halabi, Cisco Press/Person Educations. 2011.
Coordinator: Liren Zhang
Topics Outline:
  1. Broadband Access: xDSL & GPON
  2. Scalable OSPF
  3. BGP fundamentals & configurations
  4. OSPF-BGP hands-on & case study
  5. ISP network architecture and topology selection
  6. Controlling large-scale ISP networks
  7. Large scale Internet policy based configuration
  8. Route stability on the Internet and configuration
  1. Understand the characteristics of updated broadband Internet access technology, including xDSL/cable modem for dedicated Internet access and EPON/GPON of optical fiber direct to home.
  2. Demonstrate the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) configuration.
  3. Implement ISP networks, including architecture and topology selection criteria, network capacity planning and effective Internet routing policy.
  4. Implement the different mechanisms for Large-scale ISP network control using route reflector, confederation, cache invalidation and BGP stability features.
Mapping of Topics Outline to Outcomes
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Pre-requisiteITBP310: Net. Protocols and Software
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