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ISBP440: Business Intelligence

Description:This course introduces students to the concepts of Business Intelligence and Decision Support. The course will provide an opportunity for students to explore the role of Business Intelligence in the decision making of business organizations and the types of decision support systems used. The course covers topics including: Design of Decision Support Systems; Data Mining for Business; Web Mining; Collaborative & Group Support Systems; Knowledge Management; Expert Systems
Credit Hours.:3
Text Book: Turban, E., Ramesh, S., Dursun, D., Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems, Prentice Hall
Coordinator: Mohammad Mehedy Masud
Topics Outline:
  1. Introduction to Business Intelligence & Decision Support
  2. Decision Making Models
  3. Decision Support Systems
  4. Data Mining
  5. Text & Web Mining
  6. Business Performance Management
  7. Collaborative & Group Support Systems
  8. Expert Systems
  9. Management Support Systems: Emerging Trends and Impacts
  1. Describe the knowledge and skills required to design a Decision Support System
  2. Identify and explain the role of Data Mining in Business Intelligence
  3. Design a web system, sub-component, or process to meet prescribed requirements
  4. Identify the role of Business Intelligence in business performance
  5. Define the importance of Knowledge Management in the UAE business setting
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of current and emerging trends in decision support systems
Mapping of Topics Outline to Outcomes
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Pre-requisiteITBP340: Database Systems
Volume of the Course that Contributes to CIT Students Outcomes(SOs)
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a b c d e f g h i j k l m n
6% 13% 0% 6% 2% 2%8% 8% 13% 6% 2% 13% 6% 8%
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