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CSBP400: Modeling and Simulation

Description:Introduction to system modeling and decision-making using computer simulation; Discrete-event simulation and popular modeling paradigms; Continuous and hybrid simulations; Input modeling; Output analysis and random numbers; Application areas and tools for simulation. (Prerequisite: STAT 210)
Credit Hours.:3
Text Book: Simio and Simulation: Modeling, Analysis, Applications, 1st Ed, W. Kelton, Jeffrey Smith, David Sturrock, Alexander Verbraeck, Learning Solutions, 2010
Coordinator: Leila Ismail
Topics Outline:
  1. Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
  2. Review of Basic Probability and Simulation Concepts
  3. Random Number Generation
  4. Input Modeling
  5. Output Modeling
  6. Simio Simulation Software
  7. Stochastic Petri Nets
  8. Verification & Validation
  9. Comparing Systems
  1. Explain techniques of mathematical models.
  2. Design models for simple and complex problems.
  3. Model discrete event systems.
  4. Use simulation software to solve complicated problems.
  5. Evaluate the performance of different systems using simulation techniques.
Mapping of Topics Outline to Outcomes
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Pre-requisiteSTAT210: Probability and Statistics
Volume of the Course that Contributes to CIT Students Outcomes(SOs)
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10% 2% 15% 5% 0% 0%2% 0% 0% 7% 10% 23% 20% 2%
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