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ITBP261: Speaking and Writing

Description:Oral and written communication; Coaching and practice in organizing presentations, proposals, manuals, documenttation, briefings, executuve summaries, business communications; Standard formats; Exercises in writing and speaking in different styles for different audiences and moods. Pre-requisite:
Credit Hours.:3
Coordinator: Yacine Atif
  1. Write a proposal to improve an existing IT product or to add an IT dimension to a product
  2. Support the project in seminar situations through presentations
  3. Research, create and exhibit a poster outlining a key IT technology
  4. Write technical reports solving data-based problems
Pre-requisiteESPU1082: English for Info.Technology II
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11% 6% 8% 8% 4% 53%2% 2% 2% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
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